Thierry Journo

Idli, a new exoticism.

In Jaipur, at the door of Narain Niwas, nestles the charming French-Indian boutique Idli. Lamps, carpets, furniture as well as a line of women's clothing and men's shirts are harmoniously staged by the master of the place, Thierry Journo.

The very aesthetic French sensibility, the prowess of Indian craftsmen and the elegance of its founder intermingle to become Idli.

For 10 years, Thierry has used all techniques of marquetry on marble, brocades, jacquarts or wood paintings common in the eighteenth century in France to invent his new art of living magico-mythical and colorful. Palm trees, anime, flowers, Chinese or tie and dye are all hand-drawn by Thierry Journo and then embroidered or printed to the rhythm of slow fashion. Very soon a line of porcelain will be added to the collection.

Passionate about the history of art and painting, Thierry Journo began his training by being a copyist at the Louvre museum and then attended many creators like Thierry Mugler and Andrée Putman. As an illustrator, he collaborated with John Galliano to draw his collections. It has been present in India for the last 14 years, and with Idli, it has turned into a rare place that quickly became a must for all lovers of beautiful things.